AtomDB Electron-Electron Bremsstrahlung Model (ACX)

We have released a simple model for electron-electron Bremsstrahlung emission, based on the work of Nozawa, S. et al. (2009). This is a simple to use model and, as well as being included in pyAtomDB, can be downloaded here (use right click... save as to get the file).

To use the model, run the following commands from a python 3 shell:
import xspec
import xspec_eebrems

Then load the model:
m1 = xspec.Model('apec+eebrems')

A note on the model parameters:

kT = temperature of the electrons. Typically, tie to the apec model kT.
ne/nH = The APEC norm takes into account an n_H * n_e factor. e-e brems only depends on n_e^2. Therefore this is a correction factor applied to get the required emissivity to match that from XSPEC. Typically, keep frozen at 1.2 to represent a 90% H, 10%He plasma.
norm : keep tied to apec norm.