AtomDB Work week and Workshop, 3rd - 7th August 2020

The eighth AtomDB Workshop will be held at the Center for Astrophysics on Thursday and Friday 6th - 7th August 2020. In addition, our Work Week, from Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th will include a spectroscopy school for those who wish to learn more about spectroscopy.

AtomDB Workshop

The workshop brings together producers of atomic data, both theoretical and experimental, with the users of atomic data relevant to X-ray astronomy. The workshop aims to identify progress in the Lab Astro field which is directly relevant to X-ray astronomy, show how to use this data to observers, and to show the results of using the atomic physics to analyze astrophysical spectra. In previous years we have had interesting discussion of available data as well as demonstrations of newly available tools for atomic data analysis.

Spectroscopy School & Work Week

The AtomDB Work Week has traditionally been for those who wish to spend time working with the AtomDB team on specific, detailed problems. We are this year combining this with a spectroscopy school for those interested in learning about the details and pitfalls of spectroscopy in the X-ray and EUV wavebands. The format will be informal morning tutorials and discussion of spectroscopic techniques and issues from the perspective of observers, atomic physicists, instrument designers and laboratory astrophysicists. In the afternoon attendees will be free to work alone or with the AtomDB team to help aid their projects. The school is aimed at PhD students or Post-docs interested in spectroscopy, though anyone is welcome to attend. The work week is open for anyone who wished to visit the CfA and work with the AtomDB team on advancing specific projects.

The work week and spectroscopy school will occur just before the workshop, running from Monday, August 3rd to Wednesday 5th.

Registration is now open. There is no registration fee being collected at this time, although we may ask for a small amount (historically, $50 or so) to cover coffee breaks, etc. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the form below.


The meeting will take place at:
Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
60 Garden St
Cambridge, MA 02138

Directions to the CfA can be found on the CfA website.


We have not made any specific accommodation arrangements for the meeting, though if you require assistance or have questions please email me and we'll see what we can arrange.


Currently, there are numerous travel restriction in place and being added due to the coronavirus. We are currently assuming that by August this situation will have resolved itself, though we of course cannot know in advance.

We encourage interested attendees to register anyway, as that way we can keep you informed of any changes to the meeting plan. Attendees can easily cancel later should travel be inadvisable or impossible, as there is no registration fee due at this point. We hope you all stay safe and well.


Organizer: Adam Foster +1-617-496-3203

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