AtomDB Workshop and Advanced Spectroscopy School
3rd - 5th August 2020

The eighth AtomDB Workshop and spectroscopy school was due to be held the week of the 3rd August, however due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are canceling the in person meeting. Instead, we will hold a one day AtomDB meeting, followed by an advanced spectroscopy school over the following 2 days.

The spectroscopy school will go beyond how to run spectral analysis software, instead focusing on the details and pitfalls of obtaining exciting scientific results from observed spectra. Invited speakers will present details of how they performed one of their published spectral analyses and what they discovered in a series of 25 minute talks, with notes or analysis scripts distributed where possible.

The meeting will run from 08:00-11:00 EDT (12:00-15:00 UTC) every day.

If you are interested in attending, please register below and we will forward you the links to the meeting sessions when they commence.


AtomDB Workshop: August 3rd 2020
Start End Presenter Title Chair: Randall Smith
08:00 08:25 Adam Foster AtomDB Updates
Center for Astrophysics Video | PDF
08:25 08:50 Liyi Gu SPEX Updates
08:50 09:10 Chintan Shah Lab X-ray studies with trapped ions
09:10 09:30 Maurice Leutenegger Livermore EBIT updates
Break Chair: Andrea Dupree
09:35 09:50 Manfred Bitter A new class of focusing crystal shapes for the Bragg spectroscopy of small, point-like, x-ray source
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Video | PowerPoint | PDF
09:50 10:05 Junjie Mao R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for the C-like isoelectronic sequence
Strathclyde/SRON Video | PDF
10:05 10:20 Tom Gorczyca X-ray Absorption by Atomic and Multi-Particle Gases
Western Michigan University PowerPoint | PDF
10:20 10:30 Dennis Bodewits Diagnostics of solar wind charge exchange
Auburn University Video | PowerPoint
10:30 10:40 Jun Yang Measuring the gas to dust ratio towards bright sources in the Galactic Bulge
MIT Kavli Institute Video | PDF
Posters Chair: Andrea Dupree
10:40 10:45 Sean Mcilvane Charge Exchange-Induced X-ray Emission from Highly-charged Fe Ions
University of Georgia Video | Poster
10:45 10:50 Emanuele Bonamente Charge exchange from comet with NICER
Auburn University Video | Poster | Slides
10:50 10:55 Steven Bromley COLTRIMS of bare highly charged ions and simple molecules
Auburn University Video | Poster
10:55 11:00 Anna Ogorzałek Constraining the power of X-ray wind in NGC 4051: a Bayesian approach
UMCP/NASA GSFC Video | Slides
11:00 11:05 Wenxian Li Direct spectroscopic measurements of active region magnetic fields of the solar corona
Lund University Video | Poster | Paper
11:05 11:10 Priyanka Chakraborty X-ray spectroscopy in the microcalorimeter era
University of Kentucky Video | Poster

Advanced Spectroscopy School: August 4th 2020
Start End Presenter Title Chair: Nancy Brickhouse
08:00 08:25 Liyi Gu The Impact of Atomic Data Uncertainty on Models
08:25 08:50 Jelle Kaastra The Impact of Binning and Response Matrices
SRON Video | PowerPoint
08:50 09:15 Nastasha Wijers Simulating IGM/CGM from Cosmological Simulations
Leiden Observatory Video | PDF
09:15 09:40 Victoria Grinberg Absorption Resolved Spectroscopy
Universität Tübingen Video | PDF | Supplementary Material
Break Chair: Eric Miller
09:45 10:10 Tim Kallman Designing and implementing a physically realistic photoionization model
10:10 10:35 Frits Paerels Absorption Line Spectroscopy in Practice
Columbia University Video | Keynote | PDF
10:35 11:00 Keith Arnaud Statistical issues in combining high and low resolution data
NASA/GSFC Video | PowerPoint | PDF

Advanced Spectroscopy School: August 5th 2020
Start End Presenter Title Chair: Joern Wilms
08:00 08:25 Shuinai Zhang Diagnosing CX in High-Resolution Spectra
Purple Mountain Observatory Video | PDF | Material
08:25 08:50 Hiroya Yamaguchi Identifying New Physics from High-Resolution Spectra
ISAS Video | PDF
08:50 09:15 Jon Miller The need for high resolution reflection models
University of Michigan Video | PDF
09:15 09:40 Lia Corrales Identifying dust features
University of Michigan Video | PDF | Exercise | Solution
Break Chair: Renata Cumbee
09:45 10:10 Mike Nowak Breaking into the Black Box: Line Fitting and Interpretation for the Confounded
Washington University in St. Louis Video | Keynote | PDF
10:10 10:35 Nancy Brickhouse Issues in measuring line shapes
Center for Astrophysics Video | PDF
10:35 11:00 Chris Done Absorption lines from accretion disk winds
University of Durham Video | PDF

Code of Conduct

By attending the AtomDB Workshop and Advanced Spectroscopy School, you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct. The short summary of this is:

The AtomDB Workshop is intended to allow a free flow of ideas in an environment free of discrimination. It is taking place entirely online, which presents new challenges. Please be respectful of your colleagues. If you notice an incident, please report it immediately to the organizers using one of the following methods:

  1. Post to the #helpdesk channel on the meeting Slack. Note that this is a public channel, so everyone will see your complaint.
  2. Contact @Adam Foster @Randall Smith directly using a direct message on Slack or email ( and This method offers more privacy.

Meeting Format

The meeting will be conducted as a Zoom Webinar. The sessions will start at 8:00am EDT (12:00 UTC), with the Zoom session opening at 7:45am (11:45 UTC). Due to the Zoom Webinar format, audience members will not be able to talk directly to the speakers, though there will be a questions and answers box which can be used.

In addition, the primary communication during the meeting will be through Slack. The AtomDB Slack Workspace is at Attendees and presenters are encouraged to use the Slack to ask and answer questions and hold discussions during the meeting. This has the advantage over the Zoom chat that it is a persistent forum and will not disappear once the session is over. All attendees should have received an invitation link to the Slack, if you have any issues or your link is missing please contact the organizers please get in touch.

If you have any problems with either of these formats, please contact the organizers.


Organizer: Adam Foster +1-617-496-3203


442 people registered for the workshop. We have assembled a list of attendees and their institutions.